Cancer and Stem Cells

These days, a great deal of attention is being paid to stem cells in relation to stem cell-related diseases. One of the more publicized cases is that of Claire Kimbrough, a young woman who was diagnosed with cancer.

The research done on stem cells has provided many intriguing hints and clues that suggest its relationship to such conditions as cancer. However, as yet there is no clear link between cancer and stem cells. It’s important to understand that each of the two are completely different.

For cancer cells, tumors, or other malignant growths, destruction of the cells is a good thing. They may be rejected by the body and thus die off. Without them, cancer would have no way to survive.

Cancer is often thought of as a disease of the genetic code. In other words, any child born to a mother who carries the C gene for cancer will most likely get it. As far as we know, so far as genetics are concerned, there is no causal link between having this particular gene and the occurrence of cancer.

However, many such cures for cancer are being researched now. One such research project concerns the use of “stem cells” to treat certain forms of cancer.

Stem cells, sometimes referred to as induced pluripotent stem cells, are cells that can be coaxed into becoming any type of cell in the body. They are generally thought to be able to form almost any type of cell.

Cells that come from this research are still considered to be quite early stage. One of the advantages of these cells is that they will be better able to study their effect on cancer. This could help scientists determine the precise role of these cells in the process of cancer and also help to improve their treatment.

If you are wondering about the connection between stem cells and the development of these cancers, the answer to that question is yes. But they are not the only things related to the development of cancer.

Research has also shown that a diet high in red meat can cause cancer in the intestine and may also be responsible for the development of some cancers. Other associations with certain cancers include the consumption of foods high in saturated fat, cigarette smoking, and exposure to radiation.

Cancers develop through a very specific process. They usually start when a cell in the body has a mutation in its DNA. A tumor is therefore formed when that mutation gets transferred to a cell elsewhere in the body.

While stem cells are the fundamental part of normal cellular growth, they are also involved in cancer. It is not possible to “cure” the process, but there are treatments that can slow down or stop the cancer from spreading.

Knowing the connection between certain types of health conditions and stem cells is helpful for those who are looking to combat these issues. In the long run, the knowledge will be helpful in improving the quality of life.